Rules/conditions for using Amphitheatre at Subhash bridge garden
  • 1. Amphitheatre has a capacity of approximately 150 seats.
  • 2. Entry fee of Rs. 10/- per person has to be paid at ticket window of the Ashram Baug Park separately.
  • 3. Rs.11/- per unit is required to be paid separately for electricity.
  • 4. Individual/Organization conducting the event/using the space/venue has to make an online application with complete details.
  • 5. Online booking for the event will be opened before three months. Applicant can apply for the date as per availability.
  • 6. The timing for using the space for the event will be from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • 7. Application made without paying rental charges and deposit amount will not be considered. Booking can be done only through our website www.sabarmatiriverfront.com.
  • 8. If any application is received for changing the date of the event before 10 days of the event date, the requested date for the event will be transferred as per availability after receiving 50% of rental charges additionally. Individual/organization can make such application to the e-mail id booking@srfdcl.com and get the approval in advance.
  • 9. Individual/organization using the space will have to make necessary arrangements for chairs, loud speakers as well as lights.
  • 10. An individual/organization have to use the space for the intended purpose only for which it was originally booked. If any changes have to be made in the usage purpose, then it is mandatory to make an application prior to 10 days of the event date to the email Id booking@srfdcl.com and get the approval in advance. If there is any applicable change in the rental amount for the changed usage purpose, then, such changes will be allowed to be made only after the applicable rent is paid completely along with the applicable deposit.
  • 11. If there is any damage to the property during the duration when the applicant has booked the venue, an appropriate amount will be deducted from the deposit of individual/organization. The damage charges as decided by SRFDCL will be deducted from the deposit amount. If the damage charges exceed the deposit amount, then, individual/organization will have to pay the damage charges accordingly. In this regard, the decision taken by SRFDCL shall be deemed final.
  • 12. Permission to use the space will be provided only after submission of necessary details/documents and necessary payments for the event.
  • 13. In any given circumstances, it will not be allowed to reduce the number of days booked for an event.
  • 14. The applicable taxes on the total amount of rent will have to be paid separately by the individual/organization renting it.
  • 15. The payment for the event booking will be accepted only through ‘online payment gateway’. Applicant can opt for any payment option available in Payment Gateway. Only after the payment is done, the applicant will receive the confirmation mail.
  • 16. Refund shall be paid to the booking name only. Individual/organization has to provide bank details (copy of the cancelled cheque) for refunding the deposit amount.
  • 17. Due to whatever reasons, if a need arises for SRFDCL to cancel an event/program/function or make any changes in it, then, in such eventuality, SRFDCL holds complete right/authority to do the same and SRFDCL will not be bound to give any reasons for the same.
  • 18. Due to any reason, if the booking is cancelled by an individual/organization, then the amount as stated below will be refunded.
  • If the event is cancelled before 15 days of the event, then 75% of the rent amount will be refunded.
  • If the event is cancelled before 3 days and within 15 days of the event, then 50% of the rent amount will be refunded.
  • If the event is cancelled before one (1) day and within 3 days of the event, then 25% of the rent amount will be refunded.
  • In case, if the cancellation application is made on the day of the event, then no amount will be refunded.
  • The whole amount of deposit would be refunded by SRFDCL.
  • 19. The responsibility of obtaining a Police permit, Fire Brigade clearance, Security, Health, Insurance safety as well as any other required permissions’ as per Government guidelines will be the sole responsibility of the organizer / individual / organization. SRFDCL will not be responsible for any unfortunate/undesirable incident.
  • 20. The copies of the aforementioned permissions’ have to be submitted 3 days prior to the event at the office of SRFDCL, non-submission of the aforesaid copies will lead to the cancellation of the event and the rent amount will be forfeited.
  • 21. Individual/organization should submit the original copy of the aforesaid permissions. If any document is found to be fabricated or misleading, SRFDCL may take legal action.
  • 22. If the applicant does not receive the confirmation mail within 24 hours after the payment is done, kindly contact on the coordinates at point no. 31 given below to confirm the booking.
  • 23. Individual/organization is required to pay 100% rent amount along with applicable taxes and 50% of the total rent amount as deposit (Excluding taxes). The deposit amount will be refunded within 15 days once the event is over.
  • 24. Individual/organization will have to provide Identification Proof and Address Proof at the time of booking the space for the event.
  • 25. Individual/organization will be responsible to clean the venue before and after the event. If the venue is not handed over in the condition in which it was given, then penalty amount equivalent to 50% of deposit amount will be deducted from the deposit amount.
  • 26. Individual/organization is/are not allowed to give this space to another individual/organization for any usage. Despite that, if it is found that the space was given to someone else for any usage without prior permissions’, then the deposit amount will be forfeited and the booking will be cancelled.
  • 27. During the ongoing event, if the officials of SRFDCL pay a visit for inspection or for any other work, Individual/organization will have to cooperate.
  • 28. No individual/organization will be given discount or concession for any event
  • 29. Other than the days for the event i.e. days required for preparing/setting up the mandap, ramp, ground and dismantling the same, 50% of the applicable rent will have to be paid additionally as “per day” basis.
  • 30. If the individual/organization makes application for requirement of additional number of days for preparation/dismantling of the venue/event days after booking for the event, then, such request may be accepted as per the availability of the dates. Individual/organization can make such application to the e-mail id booking@srfdcl.com for seeking confirmation/approval and providing additional payments.
  • 31. For any other query, kindly contact Mr. Mehul Shah at below coordinates:
    Contact No.:9925719955
  • 32. Rent charges are as below:-
Type of Event
18% GST
Total Rent
Deposit @ 50%
Amphi Theatre
Rs. 1200/- Rs. 216/- Rs. 1416/- Rs. 600/- Rs. 2016/-
Amphi Theatre
Rs. 5800/- Rs. 1044/- Rs. 6844/- Rs. 2900/- Rs. 9744/-