Commencement of Phase II

Phase II: Concept Planning & Design Development

The Concept Plan and Design development for Phase II has given emphasize on Greener development having stepped green multi layered Promenades, excellent Road network, active green Parks, Children’s Play area, Food Plaza, Amphitheatres etc. This new development would be adding 5.8 kms to the existing 11.5 kms stretch on the Riverfront East and 5.2 kms to the existing 11.5 kms stretch on the Riverfront West of Phase I ending up to Indira Bridge. Thus, the entire Sabarmati Riverfront Development will be covered from Ambedkar Bridge to Indira Bridge and would take the total length of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project from 23 kms to 34 kms.

SRFDCL will construct assets of public infrastructure like Lower Prominade, Roads, Street Lights, Storm Water Line etc. and also create more Green spaces for the welfare of the people. On the Western side i.e. from Torrent Power to Indira Bridge and on Eastern side i.e. from Shahibaug Daflana to Indira Bridge, a Road network would be developed by SRFDCL which would decongest the traffic and would increase the convenience of people on both the sides and also reduce the load on Airport traffic.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been executed between the Defence Estate officer, Gujarat Circle Ahmedabad Cantonment on behalf of Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, President Cantonment board on the one hand and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation on the other side for Phase II development.

To maintain the level of water for the entire stretch, a Barrage cum Bridge would be constructed which would also store the water for 10-15 days for the City of Ahmedabad. The entire development of the Project is towards Urban Regeneration and Environmental Improvement which will transform the River as a focal point of Leisure and Recreation.

Various Analysis and Survey have been done for the Phase II development like:

Tender awarded for Phase-II development

SRFDCL has initiated the development of Phase-II by issuing the Tender for extending the Riverfront from Dufnala to Camp Sadar Bazar towards Indira Bridge on the East bank of the Sabarmati River. As of now the development will be carried out behind the Cantonment area. This initial level work has a length of 1250 meters and various development would be covered under this tender like Diaphragm Wall, Stepped Embankment (Lower, Middle and Upper Promenade) including Retaining wall with Green Developments. Moreover, it will also have recreational and leisure arrangements for people like areas designated for Food, Playing and open Gym area along with the Public Resting place. Multi layered Stepped Embankments with Green belt would be an attraction of Phase-II.

Initial tender for 1250 meters from Duffnala to Camp Sadar Bazar on East bank has been awarded to M/S ITD Cementation India Ltd and the work has been started for the Phase II development.

Environmental clearance for Phase II Development