Water Retention & Recharge

As Sabarmati is not a perennial river, a comprehensive strategy to manage and maintain water throughout the year in the river has been worked out.
The Vasna Barrage, located just downstream of Ahmedabad, makes it possible to retain water for 15 kilometers upstream, the entire length of the river within the city. The Narmada Canal, which crosses the river a few kilometres upstream from the city, makes it possible to replenish the barrage-retained water that is used up for irrigation or is lost to evaporation and seepage.
A more sustainable alternative is undergoing planning to use treated water from the sewage treatment plants to replenish the river. Hence, the traditionally monsoon-fed Sabarmati shall be able to hold and replenish water year-round. Water retention in the river enables recreational activities as well as groundwater recharge. 

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