Social Infrastructure

The project master plan aims at improving and providing social amenities for the city with the following objectives:

Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Riverbed Dwellers and Activities
To accommodate the project-affected sections in the overall proposal, provisions have been made for housing and rehabilitation for the slum dwellers, reorganizing the existing informal markets, laundry facilities for the washing community, and creating new opportunities along the river.

Creation of Parks and Public Spaces
In order to create a truly public riverfront, various recreational places have been proposed that include public parks, plazas and open spaces. A pedestrian promenade along the complete length of the Riverfront transforms the once private river edge and allows people to connect with the river.

Provision of Socio-cultural Amenities
To provide new and improved amenities for the city and to include sections with particular needs, provision have been made in the project for markets and vending areas, laundry facilities for the washing community and trade and fair facilities for the business community. 

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