The project aims to create a thriving, people-centric network of parks, waterside promenades, markets, cultural and recreational facilities in the heart of Ahmedabad, making the city’s riverfront a public asset. 

The key feature of this project is a two-level, continuous promenade at the water’s edge along each bank of the river. Together, these promenades provide Ahmedabad with a 11.5-km long pedestrian walkway in the heart of the city. Ghats punctuate the lower level promenade at planned intervals to provide access to the water. Boating Stations at the lower level enable water recreation and offer a water-based mode of public transport in the future.

In addition, many new parks, gardens and sports facilities are being built on the reclaimed land. The parks shall enhance livability in the area that they are located in and strengthen the city’s green network.

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