Previous Proposals

Efforts at riverfront development are not new to the Sabarmati River. Way back in the 1960s, a French architect Bernard Kohn, who was then residing in Ahmedabad (in collaboration with Kamal Mangaldas, city-based architect, Anil Bakeri, an engineer and a few others) was the first to propose the development of a portion of the Sabarmati Riverfront with a mix of commercial, recreational and residential development along both the banks from Gandhi Bridge to Sardar Bridge. The proposal called for reclamation of about 30 hectares, of which a part was to be sold or leased for commercial development. In 1976, a group of local professionals came together as the River Front Development Group to propose an incremental approach to creating a public riverfront. Thus, there has been a long-standing acknowledgment that the riverfront can be turned into a major urban asset from its present undesirable state.


1964 Bernard Kohn, French architect residing in Ahmedabad creates a proposal for Integrated Planning & Development of Sabarmati
Riverfront, calling for reclamation of 30 hectares of land.

1966 Kohn’s proposal is claimed technically feasible by Government of Gujarat after technical studies are completed.

1976 Riverfront Development Group proposes an incremental approach to reduce the need for initial capital investment.

1992 National River Conservation Plan proposes construction of sewers and pumping stations at the periphery of the city as well as
upgrading of existing sewage treatment plants.

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