Overall Schedule

Construction of the project started in 2005, the first phase of 11 kilometers of east and west embankments is complete. The construction sequence for this project involved a series of steps that can be seen online here. All heavy engineering and land reclamation works are complete and all of the interceptor sewer lines and sewage pumping stations are in place. 
All the work on the lower level river promenade, which will provide a twenty-two kilometer long waterside pedestrian realm, is complete. All stretches of the promenade are now open for public use. Three boating stations are operating. Laundry Campus and two of the many proposed parks are completed and have been made available for public use in January 2014. Riverfront Market is also complete and has been operational since February 2014.
Work on the upper level river promenade, elevator blocks, public washrooms along the promenade, the event centre and flower garden is completed.
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