Many public facilities are now open and other few are being built on the reclaimed land – to include sections with particular needs. 

The Riverfront Market  has been created to house ‘Ravivari’, the traditional flea market at a permanent site adjacent to its previous location. The market provides designated vending areas with 1,641 vendor platforms, seating areas, paved walkways, food courts, vehicular access, parking and 4 public washrooms. The public areas shall be shaded with over 800 diverse trees that have been planted. 

At the Exhibition Centre , the riverfront will host trade-fair facilities to serve the business community. 

The Events Ground offers venues for holding organised events of local and national importance. 
The Laundry Campus provides facilities for the washing community that traditionally used the river banks for laundering.
Integrated outdoor vending areas, situated all along the length of the project, will accommodate street vendors so they too benefit from the project.

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