Bringing Life To The River

The self-financed riverfront development project makes the banks of the Sabarmati public, creates vast new parks and gardens for recreation and leisure, gives central Ahmedabad a bold new identity, and reconnects the people of Ahmedabad with the cityís lifeline.

Urban Rejuvenation

Continuing in Ahmedabadís tradition of developing visionary projects, the Riverfront Development is a bold example for urban rejuvenation programmes in India. The project will significantly improve the spatial structure and habitat conditions of the river and adjoining areas.

Environmental Improvement

The Riverfront Development includes innovative solutions to the challenges of managing a river in a rapidly growing urban metropolis. Solutions include laying interceptor sewer lines along the length of the river and building pumping stations to capture previously untreated sewage and preventing waste water disposal in the Sabarmati.

Social Upliftment

The Riverfront Development makes the river accessible to the public for the first time in recent history. The project creates value for all sectors of society; the project includes vast new parks and gardens, establishes permanent space for unorganized markets, and encourages outdoor recreation along the river banks.


  • Great Public Spaces

    The Riverfront Development reclaims the banks of the Sabarmati, making the entire stretch of river publicly accessible. The project provides more than ten kilometers of uninterrupted pedestrian promenade on each bank and public ghats for direct access to the water. 
  • A Unique Identity

    The Sabarmati Riverfront Project will enhance the distinctive character of Ahmedabad, significantly improving the quality of life for residents and enhancing Ahmedabad’s value as a destination for new employers, institutions, investment, education opportunities, and tourism.
  • An Inclusive Project

    The riverfront project creates intrinsic value for all residents of Ahmedabad by making the banks of the Sabarmati free and accessible to the public. The river banks will evolve continually, adapting to the diverse interests of a rapidly transforming city.